What Happened to Dwayne Haskins? (He's Throwing His NFL Career Away)

2-Yan, 2021
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Dewayne Haskins is blowing his NFL career!

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  • Fun fact: I was born in the same place Dwayne Haskins was and my brother who is the same age as Dwayne Haskins played Basketball with him as a kid which to me is kinda cool.

    Aaron BotvinikAaron Botvinik3 soat oldin
  • Queue Dawayne🤣

    Brendan ButlerBrendan Butler13 soat oldin
  • Entitlement and it’s his father’s fault to a large degree, in the end it’s immaturity and entitlement. He ain’t special at nothin.

    Joseph LewisJoseph LewisKun oldin
  • Damn shame to see someone with that much talent and physical ability not shine because his inability to have self motivation, hunger and drive. Hope this humbles him and he bounces back hard and shows the league what he can do.

    Charles DavisCharles DavisKun oldin
  • Thank you for the video. I remember last offseason reading that Dwayne Haskins had been working hard and then when the season began, womdering why Haskins was so bad. Great video

    Christopher BinghamChristopher Bingham2 kun oldin
  • aye what’s the intro song anyone know?

    Talen WaltonTalen Walton2 kun oldin
  • Do a what happened to Blake Bortles!

    Richard JonesRichard Jones2 kun oldin
  • I never knew how hyped he was as a college prospect. He definitely has the physical talent to succeed in the NFL, just needs to get his mental talent in order.

    Ian WellhousenIan Wellhousen4 kun oldin
  • I like your video, but the only thing is Haskins didn't have a coaching staff that was working with his skill set. I'm from Baltimore Lamar Jackson coaching staff let Lamar play his game and structured their coaching around him. He's still a kid at the end of the day playing a big man's business it's a shame because we overlooked these children and they are still children overshadowing by their bank accounts.

    Bee GeeBee Gee4 kun oldin
  • Dwayne Haskins turned into the Black Johnny Manziel, that's what happened. The list of NFL players who 86'd themselves from the game is long and lurid. But I'll give you two names that us old timers remember that did **exactly** the same things: Ryan Leaf and JaMarcus Russell. And this isn't Colin Kaepernick /Tim Tebow stuff here. THOSE two dudes got blackballed because they let their personal circus [causes, religion, etc.] get bigger than their team. Haskins, Manziel, Leaf and Russell were all defeated by their personal demons. As of right now, Haskins has until Preseason Game 1 2021 to land with a team, or his ass is going to Canada. Hope he likes snow....

    Carl Hicks JrCarl Hicks Jr5 kun oldin
  • Bruh just the fact that his girl wanted strippers for her birthday party should have been a GIANT red flag for dude....these dudes out here throwing away careers and huge sums of money just to impress females they don't even end up marrying or having kids with.

    marcos laureanomarcos laureano5 kun oldin
  • lmao i’m from maryland flem wasn’t close to the potomac pronunciation. still love the vids tho

    Jack MangerJack Manger5 kun oldin
  • Washington football team my team and I really was excited about him his problem is he walking around wit big head and very immature he needs to grow up and went he got in NFL he really got the big head all he had to do is his job periodt💯💯💯

    Bigbaby PannellBigbaby Pannell6 kun oldin
  • him being released woke him up and he will thrive in pittsburgh 💯😤

    quactoosquactoos6 kun oldin
  • Whats the song you be using for the videos its pretty dope

    Tariq MitchellTariq Mitchell6 kun oldin
  • Haskins was one of the best college QB’s I’ve ever seen, dude just carved teams up from the pocket and always found the open man. I had high hopes for him, it’s a shame.

    Nick BodeNick Bode7 kun oldin
  • Is it just me or do Washington have a funny way of breaking black quarterbacks ?🧐🧐🧐🧐

    Dorian McGowenDorian McGowen8 kun oldin
  • nfl: tik tok bust is in free agency steelers: is for me?

    Griff on SportsGriff on Sports8 kun oldin
  • Never been a fan of Haskins. I'm from the DMV, we like to support our own. But Haskins a Jersey guy, he needed to kick rocks glad he was gone from WFT

    MadsupervilianMadsupervilian11 kun oldin
  • He had Alex Smith to learn from, the same guy that Patrick Mahomes credits with helping him learn how to be an NFL QB. Ron Rivera who gave him multiple chances and he threw it all away.

    MRD 143MRD 14312 kun oldin
  • My thought is he should've sat for a yr. during Rivera's time. Another thing you didn't point out was that he didn't have good mentorship under the unqualified offensive coordinator who only got the job cause he's Norv Turner's son. Oh we forgot to bring that out. Also it's been said Rivera had no commitment to Haskins since he didn't draft him. Idk man...when u do stories on bros they always tend to seem negative. Anyway...maybe Haskins can get the proper leadership and mentoring from Mike Tomlin and staff. One thing is for sure...at least we know the Steelers want Haskins. And that's my positve spin.

    Cue TruthCue Truth14 kun oldin
  • Now l'm@15:13 where you're questioning him picking up the playbook. And earlier you mentioned him not being wanted by the coaching staff.

    Cue TruthCue Truth14 kun oldin
  • One of the worst NFL quarterbacks ever, he discovered that he had to actually work at being a good qb and that natural ability doesn't count in the NFL.

    Mark StephanMark Stephan14 kun oldin
  • "If only Dan Snyder was listening." That should be on his epitaph. Love your work, Mr. Raps!

    Josh BJosh B17 kun oldin
  • Hopefully Tomlin will be a great mentor.

    Starr WalkerStarr Walker18 kun oldin
    • @Chad Justice why the hate for tomlin?

      Cue TruthCue Truth14 kun oldin
    • @Chad Justice sure

      Starr WalkerStarr Walker18 kun oldin
    • A douchebag like tomlin will never be a great mentor

      Chad JusticeChad Justice18 kun oldin
  • Just another trash Ohio state qb flame out .

    nodonny8nodonny819 kun oldin
  • Joe Burrow is a better athlete than Haskins, but Haskins has a better arm. All those tools are fantastic to have, but cognitive ability & attitude are the main factors in QB success & the main factors in Haskins' early failures.

    Ryan MarinoRyan Marino20 kun oldin
  • Wish the dude the best.but glad he's gone from the Washington team.he will get it together every body who leaves Washington always do..

    Johnny WilliamsJohnny Williams20 kun oldin
  • You've officially fallen from grace if you're in year 2 and there's a FlemLo documentary already made about you. Clean it Up Dwayne...

    KaluKalu21 kun oldin
  • As a lifelong Buckeyes fan I’m sick n tired of our Quarterbacks embarrassing the living shit out of the University. Going way back there was Art Schleister a gambling gangster. Then who could forget Tyrell Pryor who is still doing his best to disgrace the Buckeye Nation. Now we have an entitled baby that seemed to be happy just to make it to the NFL. Don’t get me wrong Ohio State has quite a few very good QBs but that didn’t translate in the NFL. JT Barrett was / is one of the greatest leaders we have ever seen. Troy Smith overcame off the field immaturity to become a Heisman winning leader as well. It’s not the least bit easy to become a QB in the NFL and have a decent career that lasts. But Cmon Dwayne please just pretend you want to be in the NFL.

    John TateJohn Tate22 kun oldin
  • Starting quarterback in the NFL is a 24hr a day 7 day a week job. If you are not commited you will not succeed.

    autie bellautie bell23 kun oldin
  • Here a bit late but as an avid Steeler fan, I cant wait for him to come play for us. I really feel like Ben can mentor him to become our new franchise star and the leader hes suppose to be. Maybe Ben could be that "baby-sitter" he needed, and maybe still needs. He has a 1 in a billion arm and you just cant teach anyone how to be athletic. You can teach someone an offense and sit them down to learn the NFL, If they want to. And thats the biggest if. Does he want it cause I'm 100 percent sure Tomlin and Ben are down to guide him.

    Trumps Bud GuyTrumps Bud Guy23 kun oldin
  • After we drafted him and he said "the league done messed up" I immediately hated him. It just shows me arrogance and thankfulness, he wasn't the first nor will be the last one to bitch about were they where drafted. Never understood that and never will. Haskins will never be a starting Qb due to his lack of a measurable I.Q, in simple language, he's dumb as a rock.

    icemuleicemule24 kun oldin
  • Another banger from our boy

    Klean VKlean V24 kun oldin
  • Gotta say this video helped me understand Dwayne Haskins more.

    Jonny ChungJonny Chung26 kun oldin
  • I don't make comments like this. I love how you say roll Wayne...I'm A Wayne Head...A Big Wayne Head...Big Football..College And NFL fan...I would love to do a Male/Female Weekly Podcast separately

    Golden HoneyGolden Honey26 kun oldin
  • i’m happy we signed him he’s extremely low risk and high reward our team hopefully he can succeed big ben , i doubt it but who knows

    Derek LepplaDerek Leppla26 kun oldin
  • Love your content! Keep it going! 🔥

    Walter MoiseWalter Moise27 kun oldin
  • Best sports channel on UZworld

    frank smithfrank smith28 kun oldin
  • I hope he learns from this 🙏

    abdu oabdu o28 kun oldin
  • Do you have a podcast? If you don’t you should start one.

    JamTheJamJamTheJam28 kun oldin
  • Your 'stories' are the best journalism on youtube. In all categories. So many things done right (well researched, personal knowledge, both sides of the stories, generally positive, fun and funny, very informative.) If you take a payday from a network it would be justified but a sad day for us. Much love, keep doing what you're doing! Peace

    Stephen ShearinStephen Shearin28 kun oldin
    • Did I mention GREAT production value for a small shop. Truly impressive...

      Stephen ShearinStephen Shearin28 kun oldin
  • All show and no go.

    Sam BozemanSam Bozeman28 kun oldin
  • I keep saying, when you go from zero to hundreds of millions over night, who showing up for work next week ? or in some cases the next day? 🤷🏽‍♂️ just saying

    Fettie TeamFettie Team29 kun oldin
  • Where’s the link for display?

    Daniel BlakeDaniel Blake29 kun oldin
  • He's extremely immature im not surprised they cut em

    Julian JacksonJulian Jackson29 kun oldin
  • NFL = Not for long

    Sean HSean H29 kun oldin
  • I love yo videos tho man keep em up bc I like knowing more bout da ppl I be watching or had watched on da field 🏈

    Albert PerezAlbert Perez29 kun oldin
  • He signing wit da steelers now tho 💪🏽

    Albert PerezAlbert Perez29 kun oldin
  • He messed up. He's no good. Get lost

    James JonesJames JonesOy oldin
  • Do the Snyder vid for real. Far as this dude.. its what we see so much. Starting at Ohio was it for him. If he made that he was at the top. The rest was easy. Nope...

    Jay MarcumJay MarcumOy oldin
  • You keep it real. You are great at keeping politics and BLM issues out of your videos. I appreciate that. I tune in for football. Thanks.

    ludgatecircus15ludgatecircus15Oy oldin
    • so blm is politics?

      gavogavo26 kun oldin
  • Definitely wanna see a Dan Snyder video

    JK RayJK RayOy oldin
  • The Steelers have had a few quarter backs that were projects, and being a small market team they can hide f**k ups, Bubbie Brister-cocaine and concussions, Kordell Stewart- with his late night rendezvouses at the local parks with male fans lol, Michael Vick after the dog fighting issues, Ben Rothlisberger- rape allegations, partying too hard, Charlie Patch- with his past while at Detroit, and that’s just the quarter backs from the 80’s to present. And yes I’m a fan and live in Pittsburgh.

    MrJAFF1969MrJAFF1969Oy oldin
  • All i know is Ohio State had 3 All Conference QBs at one time and none of them did anything. I cant think anything but they were sabataged. Especially 12 gauge who had the strongest young arm in the World. What he could do from his knees is crazy. How couldnt that be developed? I see a pattern.

    Mister MyselfMister MyselfOy oldin
  • Well the steelers picked him up, let see what happens.

    MrJAFF1969MrJAFF1969Oy oldin
  • Please get rid of the Lil wanted intro

    Mr2040 WONMr2040 WONOy oldin
  • Great job!! Well put together!! Thank you from this nervous Steeler fan

    Jennifer PrueserJennifer PrueserOy oldin
  • Tomlin is gonna get him up to par

    supermike1982supermike1982Oy oldin
  • “He transferred to Potomac for better competition” I was a Jr at Crossland when he was a freshman and trust me that area ain’t no real competition it’s pretty weak. Yeah 1 or 2 dominating schools but overall they all some shit 💀

    SnkrHoardrDC2SnkrHoardrDC2Oy oldin
  • Hey flemlo, do you ever do videos on college players? Instead of just NFL guys? I think you could make a GREAT video on Inky Johnson.

    Weslee ElliottWeslee ElliottOy oldin
  • It's an old story, it great talent finally makes it then sits back thinking he didn't have to work anymore.

    Gary BoswellGary BoswellOy oldin
  • I agree that if he had been picked by another team, he would have done better. Every since Dan Synder purchased the Washington team, they have been looser. It isn't the talent, it is the owner.

    Gary BoswellGary BoswellOy oldin
  • Jacksonville jaguars is going to getting him Urban Meyer make him a quarterback And win a super bowl with him watching and see lol

    Gary Baughan Sr.Gary Baughan Sr.Oy oldin
  • It’s the same thing with Isaiah Wilson. Guys who have all the physical tools you want in an NFL player period, but they lack the maturity and leadership. I think they both still have a bright future. They just haven’t gotten that wake up call yet. Give em a few years and they’ll at least be solid to good players after awhile. That’s just my opinion though, people do grow differently.

    Wired for UnderstandingWired for UnderstandingOy oldin
  • Happened again...popped in to check out an interesting story by my dude Flemlo. Three hours later, I’m watching Dwayne Haskins partying with strippers without they masks on 😂. I love this channel. Do a story about how the league did Colin Kaepernick dirty! Peace ✌🏽

    J. SiasJ. SiasOy oldin
  • The childlike justice terminally wriggle because spinach exceptionally stare through a befitting golf. capricious, vacuous girdle

    Chaz TranchinaChaz TranchinaOy oldin
  • This kid aint got it.. i watched him play in collage he was decent against shitty college d fences.. the nfl showed he doesn't have it... taylor hieneke looked better in 2 drives then haskins looked since he was drafted.. league done messed up my ass.... the only fuck up the league did was actually calling haskins.....

    Shadow St. GermainShadow St. GermainOy oldin
  • Wishing the best for Duane go Steelers. Next year anyway

    Eric OakesEric OakesOy oldin
  • This young man is not working hard enough. I know that because he has not shown any improvement. He better than Joe Burrow; Burrow transferred because he could not get on the field because of Haskins. Somebody should tell him talent does not last forever and he got about ten years to make life changing money,

    Howard StoverHoward StoverOy oldin
  • Wait, there are people that rank 4th grade football prospects?

    ahoneymanahoneymanOy oldin
  • That’s why there has only been one Tom Brady

    bill danielsbill danielsOy oldin
  • I honestly think he's going to turn things around in Pittsburgh. He would be an excellent successor to Big Ben if he can get back on track. I'm seriously rooting for him. Was honestly kind of hoping we'd bring him here in Detroit.

    comrade sentourn jrcomrade sentourn jrOy oldin
  • Yet, coaches take their masks off during games to yell at people and refs take their masks off to tell you what the penalty is? I'm confused.

    Jeremy LeForceJeremy LeForceOy oldin
  • You can't be some joke,if you got A. Smith breathing down your neck

    Truett JohnsonTruett JohnsonOy oldin
  • And the Steelers signed this dude... *sigh*

    Devin MarburyDevin MarburyOy oldin
  • Even when just talking about football you are still more careful with your sources and overall more professional than 99.9% of main stream media sources who report on politics and war. Great video, thank you!

    Spencer HeinzSpencer HeinzOy oldin
  • Some of these guys have parents who are such shitbags man....they live through their kids and that honestly destroys the child....I do feel for him honestly because my son is a pretty good athlete who got to walk onto a college team for soccer so he wasn't good enough to get scholarships but was good to enough to make a college level team and you see this type of shit all over man it sucks for the kids.

    S MS MOy oldin
  • All talk no show. He looked terrible at Washington

    904DUVAL904DUVALOy oldin
  • NFL needs to hire this guy for their documentary voiceovers.

    Nate HalpinNate HalpinOy oldin
  • "The League done messed up" you can tell the way he says that he didnt put any heart into that sentence...I remember draft night I said "I dont like this guys body language" and even before we drafted him I said he's Jamarcus Russell 2.0..I unfortunately was right.

    Sky BlazeSky BlazeOy oldin
  • We will see how Haskins develops as he is in Pittsburgh

    MehariNation Sports PodcastMehariNation Sports PodcastOy oldin
  • 16:47 my guy got a weed shirt on going to practice?

    Stewie GilliganStewie GilliganOy oldin
  • Respectfully, Haskins pops is crazy

    Stewie GilliganStewie GilliganOy oldin
  • This video already didn’t age well

    AttilatheThrillaAttilatheThrillaOy oldin
  • Hakins is trash for all teams.

    Mike' Go GiantsMike' Go GiantsOy oldin
  • haskins to the Colts

    emili0 r3yemili0 r3yOy oldin
  • who's here after dwayne haskins got signed by the steelers?

    Neil CrawfordNeil CrawfordOy oldin
  • He needs to be developed. A team like the Browns can do this.

    Tyron MegawattsTyron MegawattsOy oldin
  • This is the best analysis of the man, not just the game, that I have seen since DHJ got picked up by the Steelers. I hope that Tomlin, who is a father figure in that locker room, can push Haskins to greatness - just like his father did. He will be competing with Mason Rudolph, who may have half the arm that DHJ has, but is a student of football. If he wants to inherit the QB1 position with the Black and Gold, he will have to prove that he will put in the work. This is especially so with all the talk of Matt Canada becoming the OC for the Steelers. His offenses are super complicated with a lot of pre-snap motions and adjustments. If he doesn't learn the offense, his career will be effectively over. Everyone on his new team has incentive to make it work; he is a terrific athlete. If he fits the Steelers way, Super Bowls will follow.

    JL KesslerJL KesslerOy oldin
  • I dont even really pay attention to football that much but damn do I watch all your videos. One of THE best storytellers on youtube rn. Great job man

    ColtonColtonOy oldin
  • Great videos bro!! Thanks

    Jeff GravesJeff GravesOy oldin
  • Everything you said is accurate. This man is a grown child with parents who enabled his over confidence. He’s washed up already and matter of fact Football team is better with 4 string than his arrogant stink ass

    Investor HirsiInvestor HirsiOy oldin
  • I remember Bill Parcells saying once,about free agents getting big money: For a lot of them it's like winning the lottery. And what's the first thing you do when you win the lottery? Quit your job!

    Warren PeeceWarren PeeceOy oldin
  • Haskins signed with the Steelers but just for a futures contract. It's not like he's was signed to be Big Ben's successor. But he's probably better than Ben's backups so we'll see what develops.

    samsbro1952samsbro1952Oy oldin
  • tua did not pick up the offense fine. did u see him week 17

    Michael AtubireMichael AtubireOy oldin
  • Can you do Jalen hurts next

    Moonlight 3xMoonlight 3xOy oldin
  • I think the steelers picked him up he is still young and has talent hopefully he has learned that he is expandable unless he produces i think he is better off not playing in Washington and the steelers defently don't play that shit

    Robert GarciaRobert GarciaOy oldin
  • Brandon jacobs!

    ChidoChidoOy oldin
  • Glad everyone got to look silly thinking he wasn't going to get another opportunity.

    DMac740DMac740Oy oldin