His 1st NFL Pro Bowl Trip RUINED His Promising Young Career. (What Happened To Robert Edwards?)

17-Noy, 2020
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Robert Edwards 1st pro bowl trip ruined his NFL Career.
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  • The swift north america weekly scrub because cloud intrestingly ruin around a classy nepal. grouchy, meaty sink

    dabet warnerdabet warner13 soat oldin
  • My dude, you are good at this. Clearly you do a ton of research - but your presentation is fantastic.

    Giraffe ConspiracyGiraffe ConspiracyKun oldin
  • R Edwards was a baller that beach pro bowl Shit took out tony banks QB for rams to

    Freeze BiggsFreeze Biggs2 kun oldin
  • The inspirational words at the end of this video hit me hard!! I needed it.

    M FM F2 kun oldin
  • 12:56 blew my mind lol

    frank hortonfrank horton2 kun oldin
  • I remember watching this beach game thinking it was the dumbest thing ever because of injury risk. On another note, Flemlo....you are awesome 👌

    Renaldo TilleyRenaldo Tilley3 kun oldin
  • I can’t believe the teams were OK with this game being held. What a shame. All that potential down the drain.

    Matt JosephMatt Joseph4 kun oldin
  • Imagine what was goin through his head while he was laying on meaningless sand, with his leg filling up with his own blood. I've been hurt in quite a few out of the blue, unthinkable ways, but that's kinda hard to imagine.

    Skynyrd JesusSkynyrd Jesus5 kun oldin
  • I'm lovin that hat though bro....

    marcos laureanomarcos laureano5 kun oldin
  • Love reading the comments to see who else is a Flemlo fan

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  • Dope story

    Get 2 DaMoneyGet 2 DaMoney6 kun oldin
  • So should we blame Charles Woodson for injuring Edwards just like how Woodson blames the Tuck rules on Tom Brady?

    Tonyo XyoojTonyo Xyooj6 kun oldin
  • I suffered a serious knee injury where I tore my MCL & PCL, frayed the ACL, ripped all the soft tissue around my kneecap and broke off a piece of cartilage that wedged behind the kneecap. I was confined to bed rest for six MONTHS to reduce swelling before they could operate. It took another six months of physical therapy and being on crutches before I could walk on my own power. It was about another full year before I could actually sprint and jog without issues. I have nothing but respect for what Robert Edwards had to go through.

    Damian SDamian S7 kun oldin
  • This man could have been the best running back of all time but a flag football game ruined the odd what a champion

    JaxsonJaxson7 kun oldin
  • I remember the player and the “game”. Such an awful result that could have been avoided!

    Wideglide 215Wideglide 2158 kun oldin
  • These vedios are very well put together , you one of the best overall UZworld's in the game

    RLE SavageRLE Savage9 kun oldin
  • This is gonna be good.. u do a professional job Fam.. different frm tha rest Love frm Beaver Falls Pa

    Chuck ChilloutChuck Chillout9 kun oldin
  • "start the relationship out with a kid by pressuring him to make an impulsive decision." Welcome to the U.S.. Military..

    Nickdasty240Nickdasty2409 kun oldin
  • You are better than any person on the networks. I enjoy every video of yours I watch. Are you in Cincinnati? Toledo here.

    pmmahone1pmmahone110 kun oldin
  • 🙏🏾I have so much respect for him man

    Isaiah WashingtonIsaiah Washington11 kun oldin
  • Wow what a tragic story truly sad

    Steve Diego dela VegaSteve Diego dela Vega13 kun oldin
  • Had no idea that Spurrier was such a douchebag

    Lucas DenaultLucas Denault13 kun oldin
  • Yeah shout out to his dad for protecting his son like that. That's a good parent.

    Shabberplasm 32Shabberplasm 3214 kun oldin
  • Wow, this is what I needed to hear thank you.

    jose henriquezjose henriquez14 kun oldin
  • I get that he made a stellar comeback in the CFL. Then on the other hand, everybody knows that, the CFL is also like everyone that couldn't make it in the NFL...worst than 3rd string or practice squad.

    Brian FreerBrian Freer15 kun oldin
  • What is weird if he never got injured the Patriots probably wouldn't be the dynasty we see today and we probably wouldn't know Tom Brady or Brady just wouldn't be seen in the same way we see him now. Bill Bilicheck probably just be just another coach.

    Emeka AmericanEmeka American18 kun oldin
  • Smh I can only imagine losing your career over a dumb flag football game. I agree with Flemlo if he never got hurt that’s a whole different patriot team.

    Beatman 100Beatman 10018 kun oldin
  • Make it so whichever conference wins the Pro Bowl game, each team in that conference gets like a free draft pick or a small cap bonus or something good.

    Techno MageTechno Mage19 kun oldin
  • Athlete's are. baby enough your telling me that are so weak they can't do anything on sandb

    jim bobjim bob22 kun oldin
  • Even if he still gets hurt Pete Carroll still going to get fired double check still going to be there and rest is still going to happen especially at running back running back don't change the game that much even back then specially since he wasn't like one of the top running backs he was never going to be that

    jim bobjim bob22 kun oldin
  • Don't blame him I would be pissoff also. And also most players don't go to the pro-blow anymore and there is not a pro-blow is not going to happen this year.

    Mark Piekacz PiekaczMark Piekacz Piekacz23 kun oldin
  • @Flemlo, where you got the shirt from bro? I need it!

    JaMikal MJaMikal M23 kun oldin
  • If it wasnt for tom Brady two years later we would still be talking about this in New England

    Mike FantasiaMike Fantasia23 kun oldin
  • Man , I remember him as a kid. 1 year, just 1 . In the sand , man.

    Mike FantasiaMike Fantasia23 kun oldin
  • I had a teammate in semi-pro football who was an incredible WR. He had a tryout scheduled with the Chicago Rush of the old Arena Football League, and tryouts with several teams in the CFL. Then he blows his ACL in a game of backyard touch football. I really think he could have eventually made it to at least the practice squad of an NFL team. Maybe, just maybe, he could have made it onto an actual roster. He's doing well now working; he has a wife and kids and is happy. But it's a shame when something like that happens.

    TheSBleederTheSBleeder23 kun oldin
  • Question: Are players required to play in the Pro Bowl if invited? I personally wouldn't participate if I didn't have to. It's a chance for an injury in a game that few people even watch. Getting a Pro Bowl invite is more prestigious than actually playing well in a Pro Bowl. Anyone know if guys are able to decline a Pro Bowl invite.

    TheSBleederTheSBleeder23 kun oldin
  • Seriously bro, you need to get off of UZworld and be on a national channel doing documentaries. Your research, approach, and delivery are second to none. I just started watching about a month ago and now I put on one of your vids everyday. This one really hit to the heart because your speaking about someone who may have been the greatest persona of what a great player is and I’m sad to say before this I would have never heard of him. I hope he sees this video and sends you some love. You are fantastic at what you do and your style motivates others to try to achieve things as well. You need to cover boxing, bodybuilding, baseball, etc. cause you’re that good:)

    keem31keem3124 kun oldin
  • Good man , yo sy enn tiss

    Iain MacleodIain Macleod25 kun oldin
  • Greets from Munich Germany Love your Videos man. Very motivating👍 Keep up your Good work

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  • Real talk: I love your videos man. You come across as a down-to-earth guy and, if I knew you in real-life, I totally would hang out with you and talk football with you all the time. Keep up the good work.

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  • Dope video, shit makes you think

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  • Where you get that hat? 🔥

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  • You are sooo good. Have Me Binge Watching

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  • DeAndre levy next pleaseeeee

    Nathan ParksNathan Parks26 kun oldin
  • This is why all meaningless games the NFL hosts needs to end.

    Tyler McVeighTyler McVeigh26 kun oldin
  • That shirt is dope

    ThatDude6foot6ThatDude6foot627 kun oldin
  • This kids story is in the top ten comebacks of all time.

    Adam WoolumAdam Woolum27 kun oldin
  • I've been sorta bingeing on your videos and have to say like this one the most. I was aware of his sand bowl injury, but not so much the incredible rest of. Great story and presentation. And the "What If...?" part was mindblowing!

    jim Schleichjim Schleich27 kun oldin
  • Sand is actually smart, it has much more cushion and give than turf of grass....Just a freak injury

    Chris WatsonChris Watson27 kun oldin
  • I need that shirt man

    J. T.J. T.27 kun oldin
  • This dude better than espn, he obviously does a lot of homework and is able to make everything interesting..

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  • 🙏

    greatscottdrumsgreatscottdrums28 kun oldin
  • He ended up playing 1 year for the miami dolphins

    Henry G. ThompsonHenry G. Thompson28 kun oldin
  • Where did you get that shirt from

    P JP J29 kun oldin
  • I hate All Star and All Pro games in general. It's useless and only provides opportunities for needless player injuries.

    DisabusingTheLeftDisabusingTheLeftOy oldin
  • I remember this. Everyone was like why did the NFL have this event.

    datzitteezydatzitteezyOy oldin
  • Funny the dolphins let him go then pass on brees 3 years later

    supermike1982supermike1982Oy oldin
  • Plus belechecks leaving the jets no matter what lol

    supermike1982supermike1982Oy oldin
  • Is that a Dane Calloway shirt?

    Tyler N.Tyler N.Oy oldin
  • Should have stood a DB

    Wendigo IncWendigo IncOy oldin
  • Never heard of him ..... must be a reflection in its self

    Joey BoombatzJoey BoombatzOy oldin
  • Not all HOF attitudes and work ethics make it to the HOF unfortunately.

    Anchors AwayAnchors AwayOy oldin
  • Wow this is inane..I had the exact same injury in 2008 when I was 16. Luckily I know longer wear an AFO everyday but I still have nerve damage. 1 in every few million

    Chazzy WazzyChazzy WazzyOy oldin
  • You got a Pharaoh on your shirt

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  • Flem you too real. Don't let nobody tell you what you can or can not do. Just do you and let the chips fall where they may.

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  • Luv the Kobe hat rip thee GOAT

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  • That what if was deep

    719 Gaming Stream!719 Gaming Stream!Oy oldin
  • God bless this man

    719 Gaming Stream!719 Gaming Stream!Oy oldin
  • Forgot Robert played for the Als. Fantastic story.

    davidgerowdavidgerowOy oldin
  • Damn he tore all of his CLs

    Grant ManleyGrant ManleyOy oldin
  • This easily could’ve been a two minute video

    VietnamVietnamOy oldin
  • Should have noted that him and Takeo spikes played in high school together

    Deon HardenDeon HardenOy oldin
  • God Bless you FlemLo I really enjoy your videos and your overall look on things. Take care and keep up the greats vids brother.

    LZ_ziggy 3LZ_ziggy 3Oy oldin
  • Crazy bcauz brady was draft in the 6 round

    Emanuel GonzalezEmanuel GonzalezOy oldin
  • The Pro Bowl truly was the dumbest thing ever created by man. Football isn’t dangerous enough, lets tack on a meaningless game and just assume no one will get injured.

    Kevin ConnorKevin ConnorOy oldin
  • 12:57 as a Jets fan, this hurt my soul

    Stewie GilliganStewie GilliganOy oldin
  • Not only was Robert Edwards a great athlete he is one of the most humble kind-hearted persons you would ever want to meet. He's from my hometown by the way and we are so very proud of him.

    Cynn SantanaCynn SantanaOy oldin
  • This guy would get to 99 0vr in Madden.

    Mr. RaiderNationMr. RaiderNationOy oldin
  • Only 9,000 out of 100,000 (9%) will play at college, and only 215 of that 100,000 will ever play in the he NFL (0.215%). I personally went to school with 4: Rich & Eric Moran, Keith Mallard, and Greg Kragen. All worked VERY hard & had "connections," through George Balevich, a professional Scout & school teacher at Foothill High, Pleasanton, CA. Moran's dad played NFL & helped train them. No lie, John Madden would watch them practice & play since his daughter attended our school. Kragen attended our rival, Amador High.

    Steve ButlerSteve ButlerOy oldin
  • There was a college recruiter at Cal State Hayward (1999) who made it to the NFL, and blew out his knee on his first and only NFL play. He claimed he was glad he had a college degree to fall back on.

    Steve ButlerSteve ButlerOy oldin
  • Bro I’ve been watching your page for awhile but damn that injure is wild..... Keep up the good work you doing your thing

    KyleKyleOy oldin
  • Love his tenacity and perseverance!

    Neverland SystemNeverland SystemOy oldin
  • ...great football player. Legend.

    Götterdämmerung -Götterdämmerung -Oy oldin
  • Dude was insane, and another what if Edwards would of never gotten hurt, the Patriots wouldn’t of drafted Kevin Faulk the next season. The what if’s are insane.

    The TruthThe TruthOy oldin
  • Mo got me over here like bro you cam do it.

    Most Hated Nobody's MHNMost Hated Nobody's MHNOy oldin
  • G shit

    James ParishJames ParishOy oldin
  • Was such a good story with he m common back. Pats missed out on greatness from him. Was great at Georgia.

    Derrick WDerrick WOy oldin
  • Flem Lo you are the man. The absolute best orator on UZworld. There are paid professionals on ESPN that can't tell a story half as good as you. Your videos are always interesting and your commentary is well thought out and insightful. I Can't wait to see what's next for you. I think that you are bound to do BIG things in near future.

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  • Edwards never made the pro bowl , it was a rookie showcase challenge ****Robert Edwards wasn't voted into the probowls *****

    DylanDylanOy oldin
  • bro u need to try harder to get on tv dog i like yo shit big fan bro wish you the best

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  • im taking your back ground music bro lol

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  • This channels great!

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  • Great story. Holy S. Dude went through hell.

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  • Best NFL docu guy on YT. Love your work, man.

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  • I Lost Both My Legs 5 Years Ago On My Motorcycle But Here I Am Walking & Driving & Working & In A UZworldr ❤️

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  • Fucking love you and your videos flemlo! Never stop

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  • Damn smfh

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  • He’s such a damn good storyteller. It started with FlemloRaps and now I’m onto listenin’ to “Mr. Ballen” who is the white Flemlo, but instead tells scary stories. They’re both DAMN good at their craft.

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  • I stumbled across one of these videos the other day. I'm hooked! Great commentary, great stories, greatness all around!

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  • Thank you so much for blurring the video, woulda made me puke🙏

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